Owning an air conditioning unit is necessary during the extreme heatwave that summer seasons tend to bring. However, due to its complexity and having both continuous use, or external factors effecting its functionality, can lead you into problems with your system preventing it from running smoothly. This often results in the need for an AC repair or a new AC installation in Dulles.

Due to the long-life expectancy of an Air Conditioner, a person tends to own it for an average of 15 years. It is always a good idea to be aware of issues that can arise within your system and the best possible solution to fix them.

Common AC repairs and their solutions

There's nothing worse than coming home from an outdoor event such as a cookout or BBQ in the summertime only to discovery your AC isn't working. It can be so frustrating!

Luckily, there are some common issues you should know about before calling professionals for help with these jobs. Learning about your AC unit may seem daunting, but it is important that you know what these steps are and how they will be done.

The expert help of an experienced technician can make all the difference when repairing any home appliance like this one!

Faulty thermostat

If you're noticing that your thermostat isn't switching on when it's supposed to, there could be several reasons. It might just need batteries - check if they are fresh and then put them in properly! You also may be experiencing an issue with the temperature setting being placed incorrectly which will cause this problem; however, glitches caused by faulty parts within or wirings near your unit can happen regardless of how low you've set its reading range (from 20-24 degrees Celsius/68 Fahrenheit).

In this case, the best thing to do is call for an AC repair in Dulles to have the thermostat fixed and recalibrated. If the problem persists, then a call to an expert for replacement is required. In terms of replacement, it is better to invest in a smart thermostat. Not only will it make programming your AC easier, but it will also help save on extra expenses.

Improper ducts insulation

When a person has an AC, some ductworks are installed to ensure proper airflow within each room. However, if these have not been properly sealed or developed leaks then cool air can enter your walls and make the whole house warm regardless of how long you leave it switched on for!

The best solution is just like any other repair- Have an expert fix up those pesky leaks so they don't spoil all summer's worth of great comfort in our homes

Low refrigerant

The main purpose of an AC is to cool down your home. The refrigerant is the cooling agent within an AC that cools down the filtered air that passes through it before it is released back. Therefore, a certain level of refrigerant needs to be available within the system for it to properly cool your home.

If you notice liquid pooling below the AC or after some time warm air is emitted, there is a high possibility of a leak. Recharging the refrigerant is not an easy task as it can be harmful to handle. A good solution would be to leave this task to the experts.

During an AC repair in Dulles, the technicians ensure that the refrigerant is recharged to the necessary level.

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