If you’re planning on selling your house, the first thing on your mind is the resale value. Whether you’ve lived in your Dulles home for three years or 30, the sale value will have diminished significantly since you’ve bought the place. There are ways to increase this price, and most commercial HVAC contractors in Dulles recommend upgrading your HVAC system.

Why should you upgrade?

When buying a home, many buyers overlook the outdated and inefficient heating systems. By upgrading to new or well-maintained HVAC units you can appeal more of these potential customers who are looking for an investment opportunity by paying slightly higher prices on their houses!

We've compiled this list just in case there's something specific about your area that might be holding back conversion rates - whether it’s poor air quality from nearby industrial operations or high temperatures during summer months when nothing but open windows will do (although checking out different ventilation options would help). You never know what could come up between then-so make sure all possibilities have been considered before giving away valuable real estate space

Which HVAC upgrades to choose from?

- Weatherproofing: Regardless of your AC and heater’s age, if your house isn’t insulated properly, the system won’t be energy efficient. This means you’ll pay more in your monthly energy bill. If you hire a technician to weather-proof your house, they will install the proper insulation to save you money. You can also advertise this when selling your home.

- Plumbing: Home sellers are required to disclose any faulty plumbing in the home they wish to sell which we all know will hurt the chances of selling at a good price. The simplest solution is to get new plumbing for the most severe problems. New piping will last for a long time, and its not as expensive as most think.  




Two upgrades you should never do.

- Never replace your HVAC units: If your AC, furnace, or heating unit is older than ten years, we don’t recommend replacing them. New units are expensive and will be an investment for 12-15 years. This will not pay off because you will no longer be living in your home. A new HVAC unit might bring in more customers, but the market price won’t cover these replacements, and you’ll have to spend out of your pocket.

- Installation of Central air: Central air is now a necessity in most homes, and most home buyers consider it a basic amenity. However, if your house doesn’t have a central air system built, installing it for resale is not a good idea. These installations are expensive and while they are worth it in the long run, if you live in the house, you won’t be so this expense will have no return.

Before you make a choose to perform any upgrades, we recommend calling a technician to look at your home.


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