Dulles can reach scalding temperatures, especially in the summer. Therefore, a working air conditioning unit not only a luxury but a necessity. Broken ACs can be an inevitable problem so to find the best AC service in Dulles, here are five things to look for:

1. Experience and capabilities: Air conditioning units are very particular devices to repair and maintain. Sure, you want your AC repair person to be personable. However, you also want that friendly demeanor backed up by a decent amount of training and on-the-job experience. When booking your repair or service, ask the company about the technician they plan to send to your home. You can ask questions like; how long have they been working at the company? What certifications and licenses do they hold? Have they had training in the latest HVAC models, technologies, and tools? While there’s nothing wrong with less experienced technicians attending a call out, cause we all had o start somewhere, they should be able to explain problems and solutions to you in an accessible, confident manner. If they can’t, it could be a red flag.

2. License and certification: The company you hire should have a proper licensing and certification. That should be one of the first requirements while searching for an HVAC contractor. The technicians should be able to produce the “EPA Approved” tagged. In addition to this, the EPA certification also possesses subtypes. For AC repairs, the contractor will have to have the Universal type or the Type 2 certification.

3. Customer satisfaction: It’s simple to search on Google about the HVAC company you plan to hire to read the reviews by previous customers. Yelp and Better Business reviews are reliable sources as well.

4. Estimates: It’s rare to find a company that will come diagnose the problem for free, usually there is a small dispatch/diagnosis fee that is waived if services are performed by the company either that day or in the future. After scheduling for someone to come out to perform a diagnosis, it should be intensive and cover all the components of the AC. An ideal technician should pinpoint or provide a list of possible problems in the AC after the inspection. Only then should the client accept the estimate provided by the company. One should agree to an estimate that offers quality service at a reasonable estimate.

5. Price and warranty: The cost of an AC installation in Dulles can differ on various factors. Although the ideal price should be affordable, one should be weary of too good to be true price. An individual looking to hire a contractor should consider the above four requirements before coming to this decision. In addition to this, some HVAC repair companies even offer affordable warranty services to provide a better customer experience.

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