When you hear of “sizing the Ac”, usually the first thing that comes to mind are physical dimensions. However, the HVAC specialists are not talking about the physical dimension of the air conditioning device but rather about the unit’s ability to create cool air for every room in the house.

Therefore, when purchasing a new AC for your home, it is crucial to get one that is the proper dimension for the square footage of your property. So, call a professional to properly size the home AC and air conditioning service in Dulles.

Choosing the size of the AC unit

There are many different AC models that come in different sizes therefore, knowing which one is best for your home can be beneficial. For an AC unit with a one-ton capacity it cools 400 square feet of the home. So, if your house is about 1200 square feet, it will take a 3-ton AC unit to operate best in Dulles summer heat.

When it comes down to size and efficiency, smaller units often beat out larger ones. You should also assess how isolated your home is from any potential leaks in the piping system by checking if they're sealed or not throughout all areas where water may run - under floors boards etc. If not, then call now for the best air conditioning service in Dulles.

Use of SEER rating

The SEER rating is an important measure to help determine how efficient your air conditioner really is. The higher the number, the better! You can find this on every unit's Energy Guide® label and it'll tell you what percentage greater efficiency each type has over others in its class.

For Example, Older air conditioners usually have a one-digit SEER, whereas modern ones have a rating of 13 or above. Therefore, a 15-rating unit is 50% more efficient to understand the effectiveness of a SEER than a 10-rating unit.

Energy-efficient features

AC units that are available today are much more efficient than the systems that were available just a decade ago. Various different energy-saving features have been introduced that allow today’s systems to consume less energy than ever before.

You should always check for other power-saving capabilities when choosing your AC unit so it’s sure to be your best pick. If you want an energy efficient air conditioner, we recommend choosing a unit that at least meets the requirements for the Energy Star label: 14.5 SEER. Systems are also available with SEER ratings up to 18, and you’ll spend less on energy costs by choosing a system with a higher efficiency rating.

Remember proper maintenance is essential to extend the lifespan of your AC. If you have any questions about an energy efficient air conditioner, or if you’d like a cooling system serviced or installed in your home, contact us for AC repair in Dulles.

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