An efficiently working air conditioner is important for your health and comfort.  Your air conditioner can start to show problems at any time but seems to happen when it’s the most inconvenient time.

You can avoid costly repairs by regular AC maintenance service.

Here are some of the signs indicating your air conditioner that needs to be addressed by professionals. Knowing these signs can prevent more significant repairs or even failure.

Little or No Flow of Air

Little or no airflow is one of the most obvious signs indicating that your AC isn’t working properly. If you can’t feel any air coming out from the vents, or if the airflow is very weak, that means the air will not circulate properly in the room.

The sign of weak or no airflow often indicates a problem with air ducts or compressors. Professionals should evaluate this issue.

Warm Air

If you feel hot air coming out of the vent, usually that is an indicator there is a broken compressor. It can also indicate a refrigerant leak.

Unpleasant Odor Coming from the AC

The purpose of the air conditioner is to keep you comfortable not sick. Therefore if there is a sturdy smell coming from the AC, it may indicate a problem with electrical wiring, like a burned-out wire inside the unit.

Or if there is a musty smell, that is an indication of mold somewhere inside the unit or ductwork. Mold growth that can make you sick. An unpleasant odor is a definite sign that your AC needs repair.

A quick diagnostic visit will help figure out if the air conditioner needs a tune-up or needs a more high-tech solution.

Unusual Noise

Your AC should make little to no noise as it starts up and shuts down. If the AC is making loud, sudden, or unusual noises like grinding, scraping, or squealing, it can signal a big problem with the AC system.

The rattling noise indicates a loose part, while the grinding noise can indicate some more serious issues. The professionals should address this issue. The team of air conditioning repair service can find the source of the problem and recommend a sound solution.

High Humidity

It's normal to expect sticky weather outside. But using an air conditioner means you don't want the humidity in your home or office high--that can be uncomfortable and annoying! A good system will moderate this tendency automatically so that moisture levels stay at a comfortable range especially those who have respiratory problems.

If you experience any of these common signs mentioned above, it is highly recommended hat you contact an air conditioner professionals because ignoring these issues or handling them yourself can lead to unnecessary costs if something goes wrong.


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