5 Reasons You Should Visit The Ashburn Ice House, a Historic Virginia Attraction

The Ashburn Ice House, located in the quaint, mountain town of Ashburn, is a unique and exciting spot for history buffs and ice cream lovers alike. This national historic site features a collection of historic buildings that have been transformed into one of the area’s most popular attractions.   The historic site is filled with old school charm, and offers visitors a chance to explore Ashburn’s early history.  Many visitors come to Ashburn specifically because of the Ice House. It’s no wonder why! So, if you’ve been wondering why you should visit the region too, here are 5 reasons why you should make a trip to this historic spot.

1. Ashburn Ice House is a National Historic Site As a National Historic Site, the Ashburn Ice House is one of the most significant and recognized attractions in America.  2. The Ice House is Built on a Historic Landmark The old ice house’s building sits on the site of an 1800s landmark that once connected Ashburn to Piedmont Virginia Railway, making it an important link in our nation’s early transportation history.  3. The Ice House Has Been There for More Than 100 Years Since 1912, the iconic building has been providing visitors with ice cream and other frozen treats for all to enjoy!  4. You Can Shop at One of the Area’s Largest Retailers If you love shopping locally, this is one of your best bets! The Ice House is home to one of the area’s largest retailers as well as restaurants and more! They offer a wide variety of retail options including clothing, gifts, food products and home furnishings!  5. The High Tunnel Workshops Are Open Year-Round and Are Free to Tour! The high tunnel workshops are open year-round so you can take advantage of these free tours any time you visit Ashburn. These workshops are also open during the winter, when they feature farm animals that you can meet up with while visiting their historical site!

The Ice House is one of the few remaining reminders of Ashburn’s history. It was built in 1892, and it has been a part of the town since then.  Ashburn became an important center for ice harvesting during the late 1800s.  The Ice House is even mentioned in the Virginia state song, “Old Virginia.” The lyrics go, “I want to go to Virginia where I hear there's ice-cream on every hill." An old school soda fountain with a 1950s counter is also included in this historic site.

It’s a Unique Spot for History Buffs

History buffs will be able to learn about the history of ice cream in Ashburn, as well as the history of the Ice House. The Ice House has been around for a long time, and it’s still operating today. It’s also a really kid-friendly spot! Kids can learn about how ice cream was made 100 years ago during this fun museum, then get their hands dirty with some old fashioned ice cream making.

The Ice House is part of a national network of historic sites in Virginia. Those interested in visiting each site are able to purchase passes through the National Park Service website. The passes provide access to the 10 national parks and two national monuments in Virginia, including the Ashburn Ice House.

The Ashburn Ice House is a great place to visit because it’s an easy day trip that offers something for everyone. Whether you want to learn about the history of the area or just spend a day walking around and looking at old buildings, the Ice House has something for you.  Additionally, visitors can enjoy ice cream from The Ice Cream Store, which is located on-site. So, if your summer days are filled with nothing but sun and relaxation, you need to make a trip to this historic spot!

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